THAT PROPHET...Introduction

The character of Prophet Muhammad and the true nature of the teachings of Islam are least understood in the West . A true representation of the Prophet's demeanour and philosophy is badly needed . Islam has been unjustly accused of dogmatism, violence ,and retrogression. This is partly because of 9/11 and the conduct of current extremists who portray a misconstrued portrait of Islam . The best way to truly understand the nature of Islam is to scrutinize the life and sayings of Prophet Muhammad. We must approach and analyze in depth this magnificent character and have a profound understanding of his teachings, to get a first hand information about Islam.
In this day and age of information technology, instant commun-ication and massive automation, we need a definite dose of spiritualism to counteract the overwhelming power of materialism and technopoly.
The world in which Prophet Muhammad grew up and lived was not- in certain ways - different from the present world. People were - as they are now and as
they will always be - competing for wealth, power and lust of life. Tribal traditions  were dictated and served by the wealthy and powerful elders, and were meant









  to protect their gains . Only the rich and the powerful had rights. The poor and the slaves had none. Jahiliya (Ignorance) was a vicious pagan system and society. Everything was up for grabs for the rich and the powerful, while the weak were left to suffer. In that society, women were treated like cattle. A son inherits his father's horses, belongings and women. A woman inherits nothing. When a baby girl was born to a man he would feel ashamed. He had to take a decision whether to bury her alive or keep her and suffer disgrace. Islam puts women on a high pedestal of virtue. Islam regards women more than sex objects . A woman is a full partner and a mother deserving full respect. Yet , Islam bans adultery, and strictly forbids men from cheating on or illtreating their wives. People of Mecca worshipped 360 idols. They made them in every form. They sold them especially at the time of pilgrimage. It was a lucrative business and a source of power and prestige among the other Arab tribes. Quoraish - one of the biggest tribes in Arabia - boasted of being the protector of Kaaba , the old shrine which Abraham had built in the desert where he took Hagar and Ishmael  away from Palestine.
 In the middle of all this ignorance and cruelty, Muhammad was born.

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