The struggle is associated with combating the temptation to love other things beside God. This is the meaning of “your God is a jealous God”. He does not tolerate associating other gods with Him including wealth fame, lust or idols. This is the meaning of “you cannot serve God and money, you cannot serve two masters”. God wants to be the only master. The master of the universe wants to be the master of love. In this context alone man will find peace, the inner peace, the peace within and the peace without. If man truly understands this paradigm, his presence on earth will have a meaning. It is but a sojourn, a brief encounter.






Nothing matters then other than pleasing the one God, the one we love. After death we shall meet God. If our love is true we will find safety. For God will exercise justice- long missed on earth- on the Day of Reckoning. All criminals of this world – although they might have escaped earthly justice will be held to account. The true lovers of God will be safe ashore on high ground. Thus, the 3 words Aslma, Salama, and Salam are all connected, and that is what Islam is all about.