The word Islam has 3 connotations and a link does exist between them. Aslama means to surrender after struggle. Salama means safety. Salam means peace. Collectively, then Islam means surrendering oneself wholly to one God after struggling with all sources of evil attempting to sway him away from God and leading him astray. These forces include the devil – the symbol of evil- , bad company and one’s own desires and frailties. The basic idea behind creation is to worship the Creator by free will. God –the Intelligent Designer- created the universe and the order that governs it. He created man to discover this order, and hence appreciate the wonder of creation and the omnipotence of God.






Man is entrusted with a mission on earth to build civilization and act as God’s viceroy, to spread justice and right and be a ruler on earth in a manner that speaks for God’s qualities of mercy justice and love. This is the meaning of “creating man in the image of God”, not literally but metaphorically by taking the similitude of the attributes of righteousness pertaining to God. The free will is the key. What God wants from man is love, and love does not come about by coercion. He demands the submission of love not the submission of fear or compulsion. Love is synonymous with free will and free choice. Hence, surrendering to God is linked to love.